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British summer clobber!

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Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Dark Shines

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Nudie jeans art

This large cube can be seen in the main entrance of the department store PUB in Stockholm.
The installation is made out of 150 pairs of jeans, and has the size of 2x2x2 m.
Since this is in the capital of Sweden and we are based in Gothenburg, we put a sign on the floor saying “Greetings from Gothenburg”. Can be seen until 8th of April.

Anonymous Ah okay. I'm a petite girl and I love love love my nudies. The back Pockets are enormous so I definitely get that! Hahah :)


I’m happy that you love your Nudie jeans, that’s great!

have a look here - I quite like the Tube Kelly’s on a girl - though I still think they look better on guys lol (hope you are not offended)

anyway ENJOY your Nudie jeans :-)

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